IIT Delhi Seat Matrix

IIT Delhi Seat Matrix

Total Seats

4-year B.Tech. Course
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering - Gender Nuetral36
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering - Female Only10
Chemical Engineering - Gender Nuetral60
Chemical Engineering - Female Only14
Civil Engineering - Gender Nuetral92
Civil Engineering - Female Only15
Computer Science and Engineering - Gender Nuetral65
Computer Science and Engineering - Female Only11
Electrical Engineering - Gender Nuetral73
Electrical Engineering - Female Only12
Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation) - Gender Nuetral42
Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation) - Female Only7
Engineering Physics - Gender Nuetral48
Engineering Physics - Female Only12
Mathematics and Computing - Gender Nuetral33
Mathematics and Computing - Female Only6
Mechanical Engineering - Gender Nuetral67
Mechanical Engineering - Female Only11
Production and Industrial Engineering - Gender Nuetral64
Production and Industrial Engineering - Female Only11
Textile Technology - Gender Nuetral94
Textile Technology - Female Only16
5-year B.Tech. + M.Tech. Dual Degree Course
Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology - Gender Nuetral13
Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology - Female Only3
Chemical Engineering - Gender Nuetral39
Chemical Engineering - Female Only7
Computer Science and Engineering - Gender Nuetral22
Computer Science and Engineering - Female Only4
Mathematics and Computing - Gender Nuetral19
Mathematics and Computing - Female Only4

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