VIT Pune Cutoff 2018

VIT Pune Cutoff 2018

All India Cutoff

All ranks are All India Merit No and all scores are JEE Main 2018 Paper-I scores.

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
RoundBranchCutoff Rank (Score)
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
1Chemical Engineering2991 (107)
1Computer Engineering929 (150)
1Computer Engineering (2nd Shift)1014 (147)
1Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering1919 (123)
1Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2nd Shift)2127 (119)
1Electronics Engineering3429 (102)
1Industrial Engineering11438 (60)
1Information Technology1218 (140)
1Instrumentation and Control Engineering9842 (65)
1Mechanical Engineering1949 (123)
1Mechanical Engineering (2nd Shift)2144 (119)
1Production Engineering6152 (80)
RoundBranchCutoff Rank (Score)
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
2Chemical Engineering3416 (102)
2Computer Engineering1062 (146)
2Computer Engineering (2nd Shift)1208 (141)
2Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering1871 (124)
2Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2nd Shift)2182 (119)
2Electronics Engineering3415 (102)
2Industrial Engineering8804 (69)
2Information Technology1351 (137)
2Instrumentation and Control Engineering10806 (62)
2Mechanical Engineering2120 (120)
2Mechanical Engineering (2nd Shift)2229 (118)
2Production Engineering4740 (89)
RoundBranchCutoff Rank (Score)
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
3Chemical Engineering4099 (95)
3Computer Engineering920 (150)
3Computer Engineering (2nd Shift)-
3Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering1634 (130)
3Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2nd Shift)2267 (117)
3Electronics Engineering3602 (100)
3Industrial Engineering11406 (60)
3Information Technology1018 (147)
3Instrumentation and Control Engineering7324.1 (75)
3Mechanical Engineering2227 (118)
3Mechanical Engineering (2nd Shift)2318 (116)
3Production Engineering5008 (87)

CET Cutoff

  • All cutoff ranks and scores are MHT-CET 2018 ranks and scores respectively.
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Choose Quota and Category



Stage IIAllotment of seats reserved for Female to Male Candidates
Stage IIIAllotment of seats reserved for Backward Class Category to SBC Category Candidates (up to 2% seats)
Stage IVIntra-Group Allotment of seats reserved for Backward Class Category (Group 1:SC/ST; Group 2: VJ/DT, NT-A, NT-B; Group 3: NT-C, NT-D, OBC)
Stage VAllotment of seats reserved for Backward Class Category to any Backward Class Category Candidate
Stage VIAllotment of seats reserved for PWD Category to any PWD Category Candidate
Stage VIIOpen Allotment of seats reserved for any Category
ConvertedHome University Seats allotted to Other Than Home University Candidates OR vice versa

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