PICT Pune Cutoff 2017

PICT Pune Cutoff 2017

All India Cutoff

All scores are JEE Main 2017 scores.

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
RoundBranchCutoff Rank (Score)
1Computer Engineering305 (200)
1Computer Engineering [Second Shift]363 (195)
1Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering1487 (149)
1Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering [Second Shift]1639 (145)
1Information Technology973 (165)
RoundBranchCutoff Rank (Score)
2Computer Engineering428 (191)
2Computer Engineering [Second Shift]461 (189)
2Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering1725 (143)
2Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering [Second Shift]1807 (141)
2Information Technology1023 (163)
RoundBranchCutoff Rank (Score)
3Computer Engineering545 (184)
3Computer Engineering [Second Shift]650 (178)
3Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering1795 (141)
3Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering [Second Shift]2070 (136)
3Information Technology1048 (162)
RoundBranchCutoff Rank (Score)
4Computer Engineering-
4Computer Engineering [Second Shift]-
4Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering-
4Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering [Second Shift]-
4Information Technology-

CET Cutoff

  • All cutoff ranks are MHT-CET 2017 Ranks.

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