ITNU Ahmedabad Cutoff 2020

ITNU Ahmedabad Cutoff 2020

ACPC Cutoff (50% seats)

  • All the mentioned ranks for ACPC Cutoff are ACPC 2020 Merit List ranks calculated by 40% weightage to GUJCET PCM and 60% weightage to Board PCM.
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All India Cutoff (35% seats)

  • All the mentioned ranks are ITNU Merit numbers.

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Further Rounds
Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering444
Civil Engineering510
Computer Science and Engineering134
Electrical Engineering398
Electronics and Communication Engineering248
Instrumentation and Control Engineering438
Mechanical Engineering314
Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering673
Civil Engineering732
Computer Science and Engineering223
Electrical Engineering586
Electronics and Communication Engineering365
Instrumentation and Control Engineering651
Mechanical Engineering531
Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering844
Civil Engineering920
Computer Science and Engineering257
Electrical Engineering786
Electronics and Communication Engineering452
Instrumentation and Control Engineering874
Mechanical Engineering733

Round 4

Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering957
Civil Engineering1071
Computer Science and Engineering278
Electrical Engineering949
Electronics and Communication Engineering560
Instrumentation and Control Engineering1003
Mechanical Engineering871

Round 5

Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering1353
Civil Engineering1612
Computer Science and Engineering298
Electrical Engineering1375
Electronics and Communication Engineering816
Instrumentation and Control Engineering1510
Mechanical Engineering1113

Round 6

Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering1640
Civil Engineering2211
Computer Science and Engineering328
Electrical Engineering1734
Electronics and Communication Engineering935
Instrumentation and Control Engineering2014
Mechanical Engineering1390

Round 7

Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering1724
Civil Engineering2622
Computer Science and Engineering334
Electrical Engineering1920
Electronics and Communication Engineering936
Instrumentation and Control Engineering2387
Mechanical Engineering1479

Round 8

Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering1706
Civil Engineering2985
Computer Science and Engineering353
Electrical Engineering1954
Electronics and Communication Engineering952
Instrumentation and Control Engineering2707
Mechanical Engineering1501

Round 9

Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering1734
Civil Engineering3563
Computer Science and Engineering369
Electrical Engineering2741
Electronics and Communication Engineering979
Instrumentation and Control Engineering3094
Mechanical Engineering1546

Round 10

Branch nameClosing Rank
4-Year B.E./B.Tech. Course
Chemical Engineering1801
Civil Engineering3966
Computer Science and Engineering383
Electrical Engineering2873
Electronics and Communication Engineering978
Instrumentation and Control Engineering3748
Mechanical Engineering1581

NRI Cutoff (15% seats)

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Round 5
BranchClosing Rank
Chemical EngineeringNRIS-133
Civil EngineeringNRIS-200
Computer Science and EngineeringNRIS-37
Electrical EngineeringNRIS-172
Electronics and Communication EngineeringNRIS-79
Instrumentation and Control EngineeringNRIS-152
Mechanical EngineeringNRIS-130

BranchClosing Rank
Chemical EngineeringNRIS-210
Civil EngineeringNRIS-310
Computer Science and EngineeringNRIS-60
Electrical EngineeringNRIS-284
Electronics and Communication EngineeringNRIS-135
Instrumentation and Control EngineeringNRIS-277
Mechanical EngineeringNRIS-215

BranchClosing Rank
Chemical EngineeringNRIS-407
Civil EngineeringNRIS-468
Computer Science and EngineeringNRIS-78
Electrical EngineeringNRIS-432
Electronics and Communication EngineeringNRIS-254
Instrumentation and Control EngineeringNRIS-416
Mechanical EngineeringNRIS-369

BranchClosing Rank
Chemical EngineeringNRIS-503
Civil EngineeringNRIS-553
Computer Science and EngineeringNRIS-91
Electrical EngineeringNRIS-531
Electronics and Communication EngineeringNRIS-300
Instrumentation and Control EngineeringNRIS-515
Mechanical EngineeringNRIS-476

BranchClosing Rank
Chemical EngineeringNRIS-574
Civil EngineeringNRIS-584
Computer Science and EngineeringNRIS-102
Electrical EngineeringNRIS-583
Electronics and Communication EngineeringNRIS-377
Instrumentation and Control EngineeringNRIS-582
Mechanical EngineeringNRIS-537


SCScheduled Caste of Gujarat State
STScheduled Tribe of Gujarat State
SEBCSocially and Educationally Backward Class of Gujarat State, including Widow candidate and Orphan of any caste of Gujarat State
DSEx / In Defense Service personnel


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